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Houston Butt Surgery for MalesButtock Augmentation for Men

Think suffering from a flat butt is only a female problem? Think again. Buttock augmentation is becoming more popular with men in recent years. As men age, they begin to lose fat from their face, hands, buttocks, and other places. With this procedure men have liposuction performed on their abdomen and then that fat is relocated to the buttocks. In 2012 men accounted for 6.2 percent of cosmetic procedures. This number is up significantly from 2.2 percent in 1997.

The fashion trend today is for slimmer more form fitting pants, more commonly known as the skinny jean. As more and more men start wearing skinny jeans they become more self-conscious about the look of their buttocks. Some stores even sell undergarment which enhances the look of the buttocks. Go Softwear first introduced form shaping underwear for men in 1996. Their Go Softwear Super Padded Brief ($37.50).

In terms of actual buttock augmentation there are a few treatments which an individual can opt for:

Gluteal implants – This procedure involves the insertion of a prosthesis which can be the most effective for individuals who do not have large stores of fat in their body. The healing of the buttocks can take anywhere from 6-8 months for this procedure.

Lipoinjection – For individuals that do have excess adipose-fat tissue stores, this can be a preferred option to gluteal implants. Fat is harvested from the abdomen, flanks, or thighs of a patient. This fat is then injected into the gluteal region. Since this procedure uses the patient’s own tissue there is a much much smaller percentage of the body rejecting the implantation. It is important to know that this procedure is much less invasive than gluteal implants and has a faster recovery time.

Body contouring – This procedure involves rearranging and enhancing the muscles in the fat tissues of the gluteal region. This is opted for when neither Gluteal implants nor lipoinjection can resolve a desired body contour for an individual.

As with all surgeries there are possible complications. It is important to speak with your physician when discussing solutions for achieving your desired body image.

However, for now, more and more men are opting for buttock augmentation. So if you are looking for a solution that makes your butt look great in skinny jeans, not to worry! Many other men are also performing this procedure.

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