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Nipple Reduction

Nipple Reduction Surgery Techniques Nipple Reduction surgeries are often considered for those women with large or overly prominent nipples and are often performed in conjunction with breast augmentations and mastopexies, which can alter the aesthetic proportionality between the nipple, areola, and breast. Several techniques exist to correct nipple hypertrophy, yet the majority of the procedures traditionally used can result in scarring of the nipple, decreased nipple sensation, disruption of the innervating intercostal nerves or blockage of the 16 to 24 lactiferous ducts housed in the central portion of the nipple. The use of flaps and excision and resection in the … Continue reading  

Color Thieves

I think it is becoming obvious that none of my blogs so far are about Plastic Surgery. I promise to start blogging about Plastic Surgery starting with my thoughts on Liposuction with my next blog. Now however I must share my musings about one tiny part of an otherwise major issue I have with the pharmaceutical industry. That for another day and probably a number of blogs (see my thoughts on statins vs. Vit C in my first blog). This starts with a long walk I took this morning with my daughter. On the way out the door she told … Continue reading  

Weight Change

Weight Change After Cosmetic Surgery Recently i had a patient come in for a breast lift with augmentation. She was a “full figured” gal and her breasts, although generous, lacked firmness and were very ptotic (droopy). We decided that she definitely needed a breast lift and a modest implant to give her upper pole fullness because I thought her breast tissue simply lacked enough glandular tissue. She did well but some months later came back in and was upset with the appearance of her breasts. Indeed, they didn’t look good at all. They were droopy. The areolas weren’t round anymore. … Continue reading  


My Views on Liposuction When I first started out as a plastic surgeon I saw all types of patients that a general plastic surgery practice might see. These included reconstructive cases like hand trauma and disease (arthritis, carpal tunnel,etc), bad wounds, facial trauma, breast cancer reconstruction, and some cosmetic surgery. As the years progressed I have transitioned such that today I do only Aesthetic surgery more often called cosmetic surgery. An interesting thing has happened though in the past ten years. Now people want to know what area of plastic surgery do I do. Wow have things gotten super specialized! … Continue reading  

Nipple Reduction Surgery

Our Nipple Reduction Surgery Many times I see patients in my aesthetic surgery practice that desire some type of breast surgery, be it an augmentation, lift or combination. Some of these women also have either enlarged (hypertrophied) or elongated nipples. Some are second to breast feeding, others are purely genetic (inherited). After breast augmentation these nipples can become very prominent indeed. In fact many of these women will have to continue using the padded bras they were hoping to throw out. This past September I presented a paper on a type of nipple reduction surgery that I perform at the … Continue reading  

Back Pain

Back Pain – Keep Your Head Up Every once in a while I am at a meeting, talking with some one or reading something and I literally have a wow moment. About fifteen years ago I was at a meeting listening to a renowned occuloplastic surgeon. He shared that he always has his patients do a particular exercise after lower lid surgery and has never had an ectropion since that time. It made so much sense that I adopted it and it’s been a wonderful addition to that part of my practice. These ‘pearls of wisdom’ can be hard to … Continue reading  

Two towns, floods, Vit C, and fruit bats.

Ok so this is my first blog ever but about a topic I have been thinking about intensely for about a year. Two weeks ago while on a run an analogy came me that seems to perfectly describe the concept. There were two towns along a river. One town was blessed by being much higher than the river and having naturally high stone cliffs. When the water would rise as it did from time to time this town never flooded. The second town however, was at the same level as the river. The town people long ago realized they had … Continue reading  

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