Abdominal Striae Treated with Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore DeepFx CO2 Laser

Abdominal Striae Laser Treatment Results

2 Month Follow up:

Total of 6 Patients treated with the Lumenis Ultrapulse Encore Fractionated Laser DeepFx

Average rating by patients on a 1-10 scale = 7.5

Range of ratings 7 – 8

All patients stated there was definite improvement. 2 complained of itchiness and discoloration. One called back to say the discoloration had faded significantly. One said the stretch marks had gotten much darker and she had darker skin to start with – we will adjust for darker skinned patients and treat them with lightening cream

We anticipated a 70% improvement after 2-4 treatments. We are very surprised and gratified with the results. we are now ready to offer this to anyone interested. No anesthesia needed. No downtime afterwards. Return to all activities. Still recommending 2-4 treatments 2- 3 months apart. will share pics as they come in.

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