Corrective Breast Surgery

Corrective breast surgery at Houston Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Webster, TX, includes women who come here seeking revision breast augmentation to improve the disappointing results of earlier procedures performed elsewhere.

Revision breast surgery is more complicated than primary breast augmentation procedure and requires a plastic surgeon with the experience and expertise of board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Clayton Moliver.

It may include replacing breast implants, revising the pocket that the implant sits within, removing excess skin or fat, excising hardened areas, repositioning nipples, revising scars or a combination of several of these methods. Men also seek out surgery for enlarged breast tissue (gynecomastia) and are frequently dissatisfied with the result. This is usually because there is either too much tissue removed or not enough. Dr. Moliver has experience with these revisions as well.

Women are sometimes concerned that revision surgery may not completely “fix” their cosmetic concern. We have many years of experience and advanced training to deal with the issues that arise when revising a prior breast augmentation, breast lift, or other breast surgery.

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Custom Breast Augmentation

You have more choices than ever when it comes to breast enhancement. We’ll help you decide which implant is best for you.

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Corrective Breast Surgery Process

The exact process of your breast surgery procedure, after-surgery care, and recovery are specific to each patient. Generally, revision surgeries are outpatient procedures lasting from one to three hours under general anesthesia, with the expectation of some discomfort and swelling that follow any surgical procedure. Patients are encouraged to have a responsible adult drive them home after the procedure and provide 24 hours or so of in-home care. The schedule for resumption of normal activities and the risk profile is similar to other breast enhancement procedures with variations to suit each patient’s situation.

Those who are interested in corrective breast surgery may also be interested in corrective torso procedures or a breast reduction. To learn how our plastic surgeons can help you, request a consultation or call (281) 282-9555 to schedule your visit and learn more about this procedure.

Dr. Moliver

Dr. Moliver has given me back parts of myself that I never thought I’d be able to have again, not to mention the self-confidence to match. He is extremely charming and has a great sense of humor. I’ve always loved the staff here as well. I’d give ten stars if I could. There is no other surgeon I’d see.”

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Payment Options

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