Symmastia (Uniboob) Repair

One common motivation for breast enhancement surgery is attaining beautiful cleavage between the breasts. In rare cases, the breasts end up too close together and look like a “loaf” or “uniboob” instead. This condition, which can also be genetic, is called symmastia and often impacts the patient’s confidence. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Houston Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery have specialized as breast surgeons in symmastia repair. Women come to our practices in Houston and Webster, TX, from throughout the U.S. and other countries for our surgeons’ extensive experience in revision breast surgery. 

Symmastia Repair
 Before & After Photos


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Candidates for Symmastia Repair 

While symmastia is rare, it can occur naturally during puberty (congenital symmastia) or after breast augmentation or other breast surgery. Candidates for symmastia repair want to fix one or more of the following concerns:  

  • There is no space between the breasts because the implants have shifted to the midline of the chest.  
  • The skin between the breasts is elevated (like a tent) or lifts when the breasts are pushed together instead of lying flush against the sternum.  
  • The nipples point toward the arms instead of forward.  
  • The implants lie below the breast crease (bottom out).  
  • Fat and breast tissue have formed between the breasts.  

Symmastia Repair After Breast Augmentation Before & After Photos 

Before Symmastia Repair After Breast Augmentation
After Symmastia Repair After Breast Augmentation

How Do Doctors Fix Symmastia? 

Our surgeons perform the surgery as an outpatient procedure while the patient is under general anesthesia. The specifics of the surgery vary with patient needs and may include revising the breast pocket, reattaching the chest muscle, and using smaller implants. Whenever possible, our surgeons use the same placement for incisions as the original procedure. 

Recovery After Symmastia Repair 

Patients return home the day of surgery in the care of an adult friend or family member. Recovery varies between patients and with the specifics of the surgery. Patients are instructed to wear a Thongbra® and limit arm motion for 6 weeks. 

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