June 2014

New TV Series covers Botched Plastic Surgeries

A new TV series has popped up in the realm of plastic surgery. The plastic surgeons Paul Nassif and Terry Dubrow plan to reverse failed medical procedures. These patients range from a woman with massive breast implants to the man who attempted to look like Justin Bieber. Dubrow states that there is a lot of bad plastic surgery out there that can be changed. He wants to make it known that they are making transformations from ugly to swan. Those that can’t be helped are the plastic surgery junkies. Those who have already had so much plastic surgery that they … Continue reading  

Hand Lifts are Becoming the Latest Rage

Selfies are becoming more and more ubiquitous among today’s society. The efforts made to stop this are far and few. Those that have tried have failed valiantly. Now the selfie trend has transitioned into another realm. Imagine you just received a 3.9 carat princess-cut, platinum engagement ring with a diamond band. But your hand looks scaly and there are sunspots dotting it. Maybe the skin is not tight in the right spots, it’s a bit wrinkly.  You can’t post a picture on instagram or facebook with your diamond engagement ring and have wrinkles or sunspots. This is exactly what Marie … Continue reading  

Benefits of Vegetables

We all know that vegetables are healthy. They can help you lose weight and ever since a young age we are told that they are healthy. However there are some surprising facts that you may not know about vegetables: Vegetables can fight bloat. Vegetables are rich in fibers which can flush out waste and gastric irritants. They also prevent constipation and keep the digestive tract moving. In addition to this they can help balance out the large amount of sodium that is consumed in a typical American diet. If you are experiencing a lot of gas feel free to add … Continue reading  


Do you like to work at home?  It probably gives you the flexibility of being able to take care of things at home while also doing work at the same time. How about visiting the doctor while at home? That’s right! This technology is finally reaching the medical industry in a ground breaking way. Interactive video can now help patients get access to medical specialists without travelling to the hospital. To be defined more formally, it is called telemedicine and can also include a variety of communication methods including: email, smart phones, wireless tools and other forms of telecommunications technology. … Continue reading  

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With Dr. Clayton Moliver and Dr. Fred Aguilar, our practice is the proud home of 2 of the top plastic surgeons in the Houston area. Their combined expertise has brought beautiful results to thousands of patients — all with a genuine, 1-on-1 approach.

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