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Creating the Perfect Woman

Plastic Surgery & A Perfect Woman Thinking about what your perfect woman might look like? Well you needn't look any further because she may be standing right in front of you already. You can take your current significant other and mold him/her into what you desire using a little thing called plastic surgery. It’s what …

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Cosmetic Surgery and Perception of Age

Cosmetic Surgery & Age Cosmetic surgery is heralded as a way to look younger. But how much younger does it make you look? Subtle cosmetic surgeries are becoming more common because they are more “realistic”. They don’t cause a drastic change in any features that come with the stigmas of plastic surgery. It could be …

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Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga Benefits We have all been told that Yoga is healthy, but what is it and is it really healthy? From the Mayo clinic, Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines stretching exercises, controlled breathing and relaxation. Yoga dates back to about the mid-3rd millennium and was thought to have originated in the Indus Valley …

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