Sugar Consumption and Its Effect on Mice

Sugar Consumption

Sugar, it’s bad for you. It can cause all sorts of health problems such as obesity. It’s no surprise that sugar is found in foods such as: ice cream, jelly, cookies, cake mix, etc. But it is also found in pre-packaged pasta sauce, barbeque sauce, and Jimmy Dean breakfast entrees. However, a new study that has been recently published in the journal Nature Communications is titled “Human-relevant levels of added sugar consumption increase female mortality and lower male fitness in mice”. This means that the equivalent of three soda drinks can cause females to die quicker and for males to possess a lower sex drive.

How does this study translate into Humans? Two hundred years ago, Americans ate about 2 pounds of sugar per year. In 1970 it was 123 pounds of sugar. Today it is about 152 pounds of sugar which is the equivalent of 3 pounds of sugar per week. Does this seem like an excessive amount to you? It may not be surprising as foods such as even Jimmy Dean breakfast entrees can contain 5 grams of sugar.

So how does American’s consumption of sugar correlate with the study in mice? The study is not very specific on the exact effects of the consumption and only state that females die quicker and males reproduce less. However, if we think about it, if this happens in mice, do we really want to be consuming a larger amount of sugar?

We can take steps to reduce the amount of sugar we consume by taking a look at where the main sources of sugar in our diets comes from. Most of the sugar Americans consume comes from Soft Drinks and Baked Goods, however there are also other products which contribute as well such as: fruit drinks, dairy desserts, candy, breakfast cereals, coffee, tea, etc.

However the problem is also recognized by public health officials as well and they are taking action to help Americans reduce their consumption of sugar. Michael Bloomberg has banned sale of sweetened soda or drinks larger than 16 ounces (although some question the effectiveness of such a ban). More than 30 states have soda taxes. Michelle Obama has made childhood obesity and its causes her primary issue. Mcdonalds sells its drinks for $1 no matter what their size.

It is important to know that the consumption of sugar has lead to the development of diseases such as: hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes, hypoglycemia, and many others. It is important to curb the consumption of sugar as it has become an ever worsening epidemic for Americans.

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