February 2014

Obesity rates declining in children

It been known by obesity researchers that obesity can take hold at a young age. It should be known that it is mainly up to the parents to control what is being consumed at mealtimes, not the children. These children who develop obesity at a young age, as early as 6 years old, can start showing changes in their heart muscles which could lead to problems in the future. Starting healthier habits as a child can make them much easier to carry through as adults. A federal study that will be published this Wednesday in the Journal of the American … Continue reading  

A little bit about diets

You hear a friend or coworker is dieting. What does that even mean? There are so many diets and do they even work? The definition of a diet according to google is: “restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight”. More often than not, these diets are temporary and once a certain time is up or an individual has achieved their goal they stop dieting. So in order for a “diet” to work it must become part of your lifestyle. There are a variety of diets out there to accommodate your lifestyle. We’ll … Continue reading  

New Medical Device can seal Gun shot wounds

RevMedX is developing a revolutionary new type of hemostatic dressing that can be used to seal gunshot wounds. These are used in controlling bleeding that cannot be normally controlled by tourniquet methods. The company has already received $5 million in funding from the American military in order to bring this concept into production. The development of this was spurred by the thought of medics quickly dressing gunshot wounds on the battlefield.  Previously developed products include foam that medics would spray directly onto the wound and would expand rapidly. This product failed since the blood pressure is so high, it would … Continue reading  

Genital Surgeries: An Increasing Trend and Other Headliners

An increasingly popular trend among females involves permanently changing the look or feel of the genitalia. This has been spurred by the increased availability of pornography and other explicit images which show “better looking” genitalia. It has been reported that these procedures do carry various risks and do not show any improved sexual functioning or self-esteem. The procedures are widely advertised across the internet and some physicians reported performing as many as 200 per year. This increasing trend seems to be a result of decreasing pubic hair in the locker room. In recent years many women have opted to shave … Continue reading  

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