Creating the Perfect Woman

plastic surgery houstonPlastic Surgery & A Perfect Woman

Thinking about what your perfect woman might look like? Well you needn’t look any further because she may be standing right in front of you already. You can take your current significant other and mold him/her into what you desire using a little thing called plastic surgery. It’s what plastic surgeon David Matlock did and you can too.

There has been buzz around the internet regarding David and Veronica Matlock and how they first met and are now a married couple. David first walked into a consultation with Veronica regarding his famous vaginoplasty procedure.  After that he proposed a “Wonder Women makeover” to which Veronica quickly agreed to. From there David performed multiple procedures on Veronica to shape her the way he wanted. These procedures included liposuction of the chin, arms, and thighs as well as a Brazilian butt lift. From there they went on a first date where David proposed. David himself has undergone a few procedures including liposuction and sculpting his: biceps, pectorals, triceps, and calves. The couple also eat very healthy in order to maintain their physique. They now regularly compete in body building competitions.

However their nine year old daughter, Isabella, doesn’t agree with what the couple has done to themselves. “I would never really wanna get surgery, cause it’s not really you. I’d want to be myself”, said Isabella.

This just proves that not only are women concerned with their appearances, but men are as well. Some other compelling evidence for this point has popped up in Orange County. More and more men are requesting masculine facial plastic surgeries. These include features such as: rhinoplasty and jaw reshaping.

Men want to improve their appearance while still looking young and fresh. They are working longer hours and having children later in life today and they want to look good while doing it. These procedures can help aid in that. The rhinoplasty procedures allow men to reduce the size of their nose without looking dainty or weak.

It is important again to note that before performing any procedures it is important to consult your primary care physician as well as your local plastic surgeon for any risks that may be involved.

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