Diet Tracking Apps

Everyone says count your calories. It may be difficult to do that when you eat a variety of things, but a few apps are out there to help you track your diet and help you meet whatever your goal is.

Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal, is not only a nutrition tracker, it also has the ability to track your exercise as well. The app is available for both iOS and android and has been rave reviewed by publications such as PC Magazine, Wired, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and many more. The app has a barcode scanner which allows you to scan any snack you’re eating and find the nutritional information instantly. It also has the ability to track the calories of food that you’re cooking at home. Just enter in the information and the app automatically calculates the nutritional information for your home cooked meal. It fully syncs with the web and you’re able to diet with your friends who have similar goals or also use the app. The best part for data junkies, is the ability to view charts of your progress over time and compare it to others.

Another app is Calorie Counter by FatSecret which is very similar to the Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal. As you can see, many apps have the same name on the app stores so it becomes very difficult to distinguish between different apps. This does something very similar to the aforementioned app, however it does not taught the same food library that MyFitnessPal has. MyFitnessPal has a much larger user base so it’s up to you to decide which one is for you.

Another interesting one that doesn’t track calories but is more of a novelty app is Eatly. The app allows users to snap a picture of what they are eating and have other users rate it either: Not healthy, it’s ok, or very healthy. The idea behind it is to solicit the opinions of others which help you learn what food is good for you and what is bad. Personally I think this app won’t be very useful for those serious about losing weight and take it as a fun app which you can use occasionally when you come across something extremely unhealthy.

Either way, there are many apps out there that can help you with your diet goals. This is only a sampling of the plethora of apps available to you in the age of information. Take a moment to comment on your favorite diet tracking app below!

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