VIDEO: Let us Introduce you to the Smiling Faces of Dr. Moliver’s Office

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Dr. Moliver Surgical Center

When it comes to choosing the right doctor for your cosmetic procedure, of course the focus is on the doctor. We do a lot of messaging on the qualifications, training, certification, beliefs, lifestyle and even diet choices of Dr. Moliver because it is important to know that he is one of the good guys here to help.  The Plastic Surgeon is justly placed in the hot seat because he or she will be the one wielding the knife, but what about everyone else involved in the process?

You can go to the best doctor in the world, but if your interaction with the receptionists, nurses, coordinators, Anesthesiologists and assistants is horrible, then your experience will most likely be remembered as horrible. To us, this is unacceptable.

We put as much focus into cultivating a knowledgeable, pleasant, dedicated staff as we do in promoting the talents of our doctor. That’s why we had Dr. Moliver walk around his office to introduce you to the wonderful faces that will be with you from consultation, to pre-op, to surgery, to the recovery room, to post-op care. These are the people that will get you back to feeling good after Dr. Moliver gets you back to looking good!


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