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Turn Back Time with a Brow Lift

The face usually portrays the first visible signs of aging. Gravity and changes in eyebrow shape and position results in the brow area looking aged. Most patients requesting evaluation for a brow lift feel that their facial features do not reflect their youthful spirit and energy level. They are looking for ways to refresh and rejuvenate their appearance. The brow lift will allow you to turn back the hands of time to better reflect your youthful spirit

Despite what we hear on TV or through advertising, aging is something that happens to all of us and you can’t completely stop it. All we can do is try to make it as graceful a process as possible. The brow line is one area in particular that tends to wrinkle and/or sag with age.

In this edition of the Dr. Moliver Video Blog, we talk about Brow Lifts. Is this cosmetic procedure right for you?

The results of your Houston brow lift may be subtle or dramatic, depending on your appearance prior to the surgery as well as the specific goals that you and your plastic surgeon have established. Since the healing process is gradual, you should expect to wait several weeks for an accurate picture of your “new look.” Additional minor changes or settling may occur over several months following your surgery.

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