Face Yoga

Face yoga is touted as a new innovative and non-invasive way to achieve results similar to BOTOX, fillers, and lasers. Annelise Hagen is the creator of the technique and sells the book “The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift” on Annelise Hagen has appeared on popular shows such as E! News, Rachel Ray, and Good Morning America. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are said to be big fans.

These exercises are designed in order to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The idea behind this is that it is much more natural and can be a healthy alternative to common plastic surgery techniques. The technique is about toning and lifting the muscles in the faces. The demand for these yoga classes in New York has exploded. Some classes can run for a large amount. In London training with world renowned facial instructor, Julia Anastasiou costs £495.

Some yoga trainers recommend that it takes only 20 minutes a day, 6 times a week in order to make yourself look five years younger. So what are you waiting for?

Here are some face poses that will help you get started:

Baby Bird – Tilt your head towards the ceiling then presses the tip of your tongue towards the roof your mouth while swallowing at the same time. Tilt your head to the left and to the right. This helps to keep jowls from forming. Jowls are the lower part of the cheek that tends to droop.

Lion Face – Inhale through the nose and then exhale. While exhaling open your mouth and extend the tongue out. Stretch the tongue downwards and out, towards your chin. This helps tone the muscle at the front of your throat.

Puppet Face – lift lines between your nose and the lips. Smile and press your fingertips into the crease between lips and nose. Lift muscles up and press fingertips on the area for resistance.

However, don’t take our word or Gwyneth Paltrow’s try some of these for yourself and see the results or even purchase Annelise Hagen’s book off amazon.

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