Fast Food can be healthy

We all know that fast food is bad, but can it affect your children too? A recent study has confirmed that a bad diet can affect your children in ways that we previously had not considered. The study was published in Nutrition Journal and takes a look at how Western diets can affect people’s immune function. We already know that it can lead to a variety of health conditions which include problems such as: increased inflammation, reduced control of infection, increased rates of cancer, and increased risk for allergic and auto-inflammatory diseases.

These poor choices can get “encoded” into the DNA scaffolding and the guy microbiome. These can permanently change the balance of bacteria in our bodies and in turn weaken the immune system. This means that these changes can get passed onto our offspring. In essence we are not only hurting ourselves but future generations to come as well. The best way to reduce the impacts of this is to eliminate processed sugars and homogenized fats.

A lot of proponents for fast food will argue that it is convenient, budget friendly, and is often very accessible. However, if you weight the disadvantages it becomes very clear that this is not the best option for most people.

In choosing fast food options there are many alternatives to choose from that are healthier. These can include salads, whole wheat breads, and boiled alternatives as opposed to fried. You can also skip the sugary drinks, instead opting for the fresh juices or low fat milk.

Fear not, there are healthy fast food options that may be a step above the rest. These are: Panera Bread, Jason’s Deli, Au Bon Pain, Noodles and Company, Corner Baker Café, Chipotle, Atlanta Bread, Einstein Bros Bagels, and many more.

These places often offer combos such as: half-turkey artichoke on focaccia bread, soups and salads, whole wheat wraps, and many more. Fast food is only unhealthy if you want it to be.

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