Breast Enhancement

Your Houston Breast Enhancement Consultation

Your individual breast enhancement cost will be influenced by several different factors, including type of surgery, extent of the procedure and type of implant used. Silicone and saline implants differ in price due to the cost of the different materials used to fill the implants. The right implant for you depends largely on your body type and your specific needs.

At your free consultation, Dr. Moliver will be able to evaluate your body type and aesthetic goals in order to create a surgical plan that is best for you.

Meeting Dr. Moliver for Breast Enhancement

At your consultation, you will meet with Dr. Moliver. This is your chance to get to know Dr. Moliver and find out as much as possible about breast enhancement. You will not feel rushed during this visit, and you will leave with all of your questions answered.

The consultation with Dr. Moliver is your chance to:

  • -Address all of your questions, concerns, fears and expectations.
  • -Discuss your medical history.
  • -Discuss anesthesia, types of implants, incision and implant placement.
  • -Determine your implant size by using implants inside the bras or tops you have brought with you.
  • -Discuss how you want your cleavage to look and other cosmetic aspects.
  • -Discuss the risks of breast augmentation surgery. You may be given an informed consent sheet about breast implant safety and the risks of anesthesia. You may also view Photos of breast enhancement.
  • -Ask to tour the facilities if your surgery will be performed on site.
  • -Ask about the surgeon’s education, training and board certification.
  • -Discuss costs

Please call (281) 282-9555 with any further questions you may have about breast implants and breast enhancement costs.

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