Improve Your Legs this Summer

Summer is coming and with that it means more exposed legs. How can you keep your legs looking good for the upcoming bikini season? We’ll take a look at a few methods which can help improve their appearance.

There are a couple exercises we can do in the gym to specifically target and tone those leg muscles. By targeting your upper quadriceps, you will look more proportioned and feminine. Exercises which target these include: squats, lunges, wall sits, etc.

It is important to target the upper outer thigh region since most women tend to store fat in this area. It has unfortunately been termed the “saddlebag area”. If a woman is already “thin” from exercise and diet and still has issues regarding this “saddlebag area”, elective procedures can be taken.

Microliposuction can be a popular choice which results in fairly permanent results. Costs vary depending on the extent of the procedure; with recovery periods up to 12 weeks. Some people prefer cryolipolysis, otherwise known as CoolSculpting. There have been billboards all up over Los Angeles County promoting this miracle procedure. However, it is simply a noninvasive fat-freezing procedure.

According to ZERONA’s website, the producer of the CoolSculpting Laser, the system works by painlessly creating a small pore in the wall of the fat cell. While the pore is open all the fat is emptied out of the cell and the body safely eliminates the fat through the lymphatic system.

 “Our first two patients to complete their treatment series have lost 4.5’ to 5.5’ in their waists, hips, and thighs”

– Ferdinand F. Becker, M.D., F.A.C.S., Advanced Facial Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center on ZERONA

In addition to exercise and surgical procedures, Reserveage Organic has an OTC product which claims to promote circulation and maintain smooth skin tone. The capsules contain diosmin, which is a derivative of citrus rinds.

There are also a variety of OTC “leg makeup” products which can help improve the appearance of your legs. St. Tropez has a product called Perfect Legs which sells at Sephora. Spraying a dark steam along the inner thigh will give for a leaner and lengthened illusion. To cover up imperfections, there is the Dior Airflash Foundation. This will mist light coats of foundation onto your legs. This product can also cover up sun damage as well which can prove to be very helpful.

Whether you’re looking for a permanent treatment or a temporary cost effective treatment to improve the appearance of your legs, there are a variety of solutions out on the market today. However, one should remember to moisturize. This will improve your skin appearance no matter what.

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