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Dr. Clayton Moliver started his practice in 1992 and has years of experience. Although his early years were devoted to a mixture of reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, the last 10 years have been devoted exclusively to Houston cosmetic surgery. Most patients come to him as referrals from other patients and he is taking care of patients operated on elsewhere.

Thousands of women and men of all ages have entrusted their care to Dr. Moliver. They come to him for very personal reasons – a working mom, a business man or a retiree who wants a mini-lift or a full face lift to refresh and revitalize their appearance; an international patient or out of towner who wants the excitement of Houston city life, but prefers breast surgery in a private retreat; and a former Miss Texas and current professional models, actors and beauty contestants who have been referred to Dr. Moliver by others they trust.

Beyond practicing plastic surgery in the Bay Area, Dr. Moliver is a devoted family man, avid gardener and woodworker (you should see the cedar strip kayak he built). He is also a proud supporter of UT El Paso, Texas Tech, UT Austin, and Texas A&M (all of which the Moliver household have attended or are currently attending). Dr. Moliver spends his spare time traveling with his wife of 30 years, weight training and running

We know you won’t always have the time to read our posts – particularly when we ramble on as we’re known to do – so we decided to put our good-looking Dr. Moliver front-and-center for a new Video Blog series, available on YouTube.

In our first episode, Dr. Moliver describes the experience clients have when first calling or visiting our office.

Who is Dr. Moliver?

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