Korean Plastic Surgeries

Plastic surgery may be increasing in popularity in the United States, and it may even be prolific depending on where you live, *ahem* Southern California anyone? However, it is estimated that one in five southern Korean women have had plastic surgery, compared to only one in twenty in the United States. Beauty is scrutinized in Southern Korea. It has been rumored that applicants often need to submit a headshot along with their resume when applying for jobs. The most popular surgeries in Korea are the double eyelid surgery and rhinoplasty.

The double eyelid surgery is performed in order to attain natural-looking creases in the eyelids.  Rhinoplasty is performed in order to extend the profile of the nose and make it “less flat”. These have become so popular that they are called “the basics”.

Plastic surgery in South Korea has been getting a lot of attention lately. You may have heard about the latest Miss Daegu 2013 Contestants. A picture was posted to in which almost all of the Miss Dageu contestants looked almost exactly the same. This is because they all undergo the same plastic surgeries. The winner of the 2012 Miss Korea was revealed to have had plastic surgery. However her crown was not stripped and she claimed that “I never said I was born beautiful”. The boom in plastic surgery has become so popular that an average face lift in the US can cost you about $10,000. In Korea you can get the same service for around $2,000 – $3,000.

But a new and radical plastic surgery procedure has recently popped up and is gaining traction. Many celebrities in Korea back it, and note that when they had the procedure performed it was a “”turning point” in their career.The new procedure is known as a V-line surgery, otherwise known as a corrective jaw surgery. The procedure was previously a functional one, however it has moved over into the realm of cosmetic surgery. It involves breaking and shaving the jawline to create a more noticeable V shape. It is an extremely painful surgery where the jaw is wired shut together for six weeks and can take up to six months for swelling to subside. 52 percent of individuals who have had the surgery suffer some type of sensory problem, such as facial numbness. However, young Koreans are still willing to sacrifice these potential setbacks and complications in order to obtain “the perfect face”.

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