McDonalds and Eating Healthy

Eating Healthy in Houston

McDonald’s Moves to Healthier Options

Eating healthy has always been the preferred option, but not all restaurants present such options. Sometimes it may not even be possible at certain fast food restaurants to purchase something that is considered somewhat healthy. At McDonalds, which is often seen as an unhealthy choice, is taking one step towards providing healthier options. The new choice for combos instead of fries is a side salad. McDonald’s also said they planned to include fruits and vegetables in more of their offerings in the near future. These offerings will slowly rollout in the next 3 years to McDonald’s major market areas. This announcement came at the same time that the Clinton Foundation announced their campaigns to reduce childhood obesity. McDonald’s also plans to market their salads and fruits in a fun way in an attempt to entice younger children to be excited about fruit and vegetables in their happy meals.

However, if you are trying to eat healthier McDonalds is not your only option, there are other ways in order to have a healthier diet. Try reducing the amount of junk food in your house and replace it with fruit and vegetables instead. When purchasing food at the grocery store, spend more time shopping in the fresh produce aisles. Items that state they are low in fat or lighter options may not be a healthier option. In many cases these foods can be actually higher in sodium or have more preservatives and additive chemicals. It may be hard at first to read all the labels of foods you are purchasing, so start slowly and only with your favorite prepackaged foods and snacks at home. From there continue and slowly begin making adjustments to the foods you purchase.

Eating sensible right sized portions can also help with becoming healthier; read USDA guidelines for proper meal sizes and dietary options. You may also learn alternatives to fattening food. White meat contains less fat than dark meat, red meat, or pork. Drink water over soda. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals can cause the body to go into starvation mode and begin to retain fat instead of burning it. Snacking can help the body increase its metabolism and start to burn it off more.

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