Plastic Surgery Headline Roundup

We all know that there is some interesting plastic surgery news that always pops up every now and then. Here is a round-up of news that has surfaced recently:

Want to look like Miranda Kerr? Well a Korean model has already attempted to do so. The South Korean Model Hong Yuh Reum has had multiple surgeries in order to attempt to look like her. Those surgeries included her eyes and her nose. She also wears blue contact lenses and dyes her hair a honey-brown shade and wears makeup to look like Miranda Kerr. She states that these surgeries have wonders for her career as an international model.

Instead of looking whiter how about looking more Korean? A 25-year-old Brazilian man has gotten a “little” plastic surgery in order to look more Korean. He underwent 10 surgical procedures on his eyes along with many other non-invasive procedures which cost him about $3,100.

What about other weird plastic surgery trends?

Dimple Implants – dimples are considered cute right? But what if you don’t have them? The dimple surgery just involves making tiny incisions on the inside of the cheek and takes no longer than thirty minutes.

Ear Cropping and Pointing – this surgery is much more common in dogs, but is performed on humans who want their ears to look a little more cartoonish. Chunks of cartilage are removed in order to make them into a point.

Tongue splitting – splitting the tongue to make it look like a fork

Nipple lightening – Lighter color nipples are more desirable in place like Japan. Women bleach them with creams. However, nipple tattooing has become another increasingly popular trend in the UK in order to make the areolas darker and bigger. These procedures can also help breast cancer survivors as well.

New palm lines – what if you didn’t like the way your palm was read and didn’t like the fate that was given to you. Would you like to change your fate? You can have plastic surgeons carve lines into your palms.

Puffy eyes – these may be a sign of tiredness in the States. However in South Korea they are a sign of beauty. The procedure is known as Aegyo sal and is used to make the eyes look bigger. Fat is directly injected below the eyes with small incisions

Iris Implants – would you like to permanently change the color of your eyes? These used to be performed for certain medical conditions but are now performed mostly for cosmetic reasons.

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