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Finding the Right Plastic Surgeon

The horror stories of botched surgeries are great conversation pieces, but when you’re really looking into having a procedure done it can be a terrifying and often deterring thought. Although these stories spread like wildfire, and seem to be all over, they are uncommon occurrences for competent doctors.

Here are our tips for seeking the right doctor for your needs.


[flickr id=”6839300588″ thumbnail=”medium_440″ overlay=”true” size=”medium” group=”” align=”right”] In the United States, anyone practicing medicine must be legally Board Certified. This includes: doctors, nurses, internal surgeons and most definitely plastic surgeons.

Every practitioner will have a different type of board certification if they specialize in something more than general medicine. (I.e. general practice doctors will have a different certification from cosmetic surgeons).

We urge that anyone looking to alter their body, first research exactly what you want, what type of surgeon you require, and what certification that surgeon should have. If you need a cosmetic surgeon, look for certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons; this qualifies your doctor to perform cosmetic surgery.

2.    COST

Cost is another sign that may indicate whether or not your surgeon is legitimate. If a practice is offering really cheap surgery, hundreds or even thousands of dollars less than others, this may be a sign the surgeon is not of a professional standard.

We recommend gathering 3 or more quotes from different surgeons to weed out pricing that is extraordinarily high, or dangerously low.


Always have at least 2 in-office sessions with the surgeon that you choose before the day of the operation. You will want to talk with and feel comfortable not only with the doctor, but also the nurses and office staff that will see to your pre and post operation care. If the staff gives you a bad feeling – go with it.


If you have chosen what you believe to be a legitimate surgeon, research his work online or ask if he has patients that do not mind talking to you about their experience. Legitimate surgeons will not mind you doing this and will understand why you want to be completely confident.

Unfortunately reviews left online cannot always be trusted. Most often disappointed patients leave negative reviews, and the happy ones go on to live their lives and enjoy their new bodies.

Tips & Warnings

If you are injured by your choice of surgeon, or think that there may be a serious problem, contact the appropriate certifying organization.

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