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As we have written here before, plastic surgery is coming up more and more in the news and as the prices for these procedures decrease and it becomes more easily accessible. Here are some of the most recent headliners:

So far this past year we’ve seen a couple individuals surface on media outlets requesting procedures to look like celebrities including Justin Bieber, but there’s always another celebrity. A 30 year old Texas woman going by the name Kitty has undergone six plastic surgeries costing about $25,000 to look like Jennifer Lawrence. Kitty did acknowledge that this money could have went towards a college fund for her five year old daughter. Her husband was not convinced that she needed this plastic surgery.

For those who cannot afford to look like Jennifer Lawrence in the United States, there is always medical tourism. Medical tourism is popular for Americans without health insurance or those seeking low cost medical treatments. These cheap medical treatments can often carry with them high risks despite the attractive price tag. In 2013 alone, there were more than a thousand cosmetic procedures performed. Over 60% of those were performed on foreigners.  Beverly Brignoni, a young New Yorker, set out to travel to the Dominican Republic for cosmetic surgery.  The tummy tuck and liposuction she undergoing went horribly wrong and she died from a massive pulmonary embolism. Dr. Braun Graham, the past president for Florida Society of Plastic Surgeons, warns that even if a foreign doctor is talented, nurses and support staff may lack adequate training.

“Selfies” are becoming more and more popular; did you see the Oscars recently? More and more celebrities are posting “selfies” of them doing mundane things and posting them onto social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. It seems that other people have caught on and are doing the same thing. However, they are also becoming much more self-aware of their looks and have become more critical of how they look. In fact, a recent study conducted by the AAFPRS found that one in three plastic surgeons have seen an increase of individuals requesting alterations to their face due to this phenomenon. Some experts are also reporting that it’s not only the “selfie” trend but also the increase in the ubiquity of video chat software is also causing more people to request these surgeries. Skype, facetime, and other video chatting software cause people to notice their jowls, necks, and wrinkles.

It is always important to consult with a board certified physician before undergoing any cosmetic procedures. If you are considering surgery in another country please be aware of the risks that you are taking before making this decision. The benefits may not outweigh the risks in certain cases.

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