Intense Pulsed Light Therapy – IPL Special!

Intense Pulse Light Treatment Discount

If you are not familiar with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, it is the most innovative skin treatment system we have seen in years. It involves specially constructed Xenon Flash Lamp bulbs and focusing optics to rapidly discharge high energy light on to your skin.

The pulses of light produced by IPL equipment are very short in duration, so discomfort and damage to non-target tissues is minor. IPLs work more directly on the top layers of the skin, and generally do not penetrate deep enough to damage the epidermis.

Although some salons use IPL for hair removal, we have the best technology in the industry for laser hair removal, The Lumenis LightSheer Duet. We choose other uses for this therapy.

Our IPL machine is the Lumenis One, and we use it for removing brown spots and red areas primarily on the face. In addition to, IPL can be used to treat:

  • Sun Damage and Vascular Changes
  • Acne
  • Rosacea
  • Broken capillaries


We also offer package prices that include 1 FREE TREATMENT, as well as monthly specials on a selected service or two. Just give us your email address and we will add you to the list to receive our specials!

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