Stats show Upward Trends for Male Cosmetic Surgery

The male grooming market in America is now worth $3.5 billion, telling us that men seem to be changing their attitude toward self-improvement topics traditionally deemed “women’s talk.” We think it’s about time that men get to talking about staying healthy and fit for life, and we welcome conversations about male cosmetic surgery.

Feeling the need to look and feel young well into their 40s, 50s and 60s has caused men to re-think their attitudes towards diet, exercise, face-care products and cosmetic surgery.

There is no reason why men, like women, increasingly want to change what they don’t like about their appearance.

Male Cosmetic Surgery

The Amercian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reports that surgery is becoming increasingly popular as a way for men to deal with image maintenance and change. According to the ASAPS annual survey, over 800,000 cosmetic surgeries were performed on men in 2011, increasing the number by 121% from 1997.

Top 5 Cosmetic Surgeries for Men in 2011: 
1. Lipoplasty (Liposuction)
2. Rhinoplasty
3. Blepharoplaty (Cosmetic Eye Surgery)
4. Gynecomastia
5. Facelift

Sales show that American males spend billions on grooming products each year, but it’s not just over the counter options that men crave. In 2011 men underwent more than 1.1 million cosmetic procedures.

We encourage both men and women to consult with our office if you’re considering a change to your body. Our staff of aestheticians also welcome both male and female clients.




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