Weight Change

Weight Change After Cosmetic Surgery

Recently i had a patient come in for a breast lift with augmentation. She was a “full figured” gal and her breasts, although generous, lacked firmness and were very ptotic (droopy). We decided that she definitely needed a breast lift and a modest implant to give her upper pole fullness because I thought her breast tissue simply lacked enough glandular tissue. She did well but some months later came back in and was upset with the appearance of her breasts. Indeed, they didn’t look good at all. They were droopy. The areolas weren’t round anymore. And although she still had the upper pole fullness from the implants, the breast were ‘draped’ over them and hng down instead of perching on top of them. This is the classic double bubble deformity. It typically appears in women who get a breast augmentation and start out with a B cup or larger. As the years progress the breast tissue loses some of it’s “stand-upness” (sic) and begins to droop over the implant. they still look great in a bra and clothes, but out of them… well not so much. So in my recent patient I think she went on to get super motivated and lost 15 – 20 pounds. The result was that she lost volume in her breasts and instead of being firm they got a little soft. i.e. not the way I left them at the end of her surgery. There’s always a little swelling after surgery and then a little relaxation. But the point here is that certain cosmetic surgeries stand up fine to weight loss (no pun intended). Others may not. So as part of an aesthetic consultation one should always consider what the patient’s weight is and if they are stable at that weight. While I much prefer to operate on people that have a relatively low BMI and are in great shape, it is perfectly fine to take on patients that are somewhat overweight as long as they are stable at that weight. It’s the gaining and losing significant amounts or weight that plays havoc with cosmetic procedures.

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