Fat Grafting for the Face and Body

Fat autografting is the latest thing in plastic surgery. We're using it all over the body. We've been grafting fat from one part of the body to another for years but the techniques have improved remarkably in the past two or three years. The way we harvest the fat with specialized cannulas, the way we spin it down and centrifuge, and the way we inject it. We use your own fat in facelifts to augment and fill in around the mouth because young people have more plumpness, not a lot of plumpness, but more plumpness. In a woman who is getting a facelift, or a man, we might put some fat around the mouth in little streams just to plump up the area, around the eyebrows and around the cheeks just to make it more plump and more vital looking.

What's fascinating is that the way we centrifuge it and prepare it, it actually increases the number of stem cells. We think this actually causes the skin to look better and we have some evidence that it looks better a year and two years later than it would have otherwise. It is a little bit controversial but we know there is a lot of stem cells in there. There has been some plastic surgeons marketing stem cell facelifts which I think it's an overreach. Nonetheless, it has been great way to increase the volume in the face and the fat graft stays better now so we can plump up lips, we can add volume to the face and various areas in breast reconstruction and in some patients in breast augmentation we're using fat grafts to the breast. Only certain patients are candidates. If you are very, very slender it is better just to put an implant in, but in full figured girl sometimes we can do liposuction of the hips, of the thighs and use that fatty tissue to augment the breast. It has to be done very carefully so that we don't mess up future mammograms. It is done under the gland and subcutaneously and not in the gland, but we can take a breast up a size or two just using fat autografting and the fat stays, it lives, and it does fine, it's your own tissue.

Finally, people have heard about the Brazilian butt lift. It is not really a lift per se as plastic surgeons would talk about it. It is rather fat grafting and putting it into the buttocks to create a rounder or fuller buttocks. Again, you have to have enough fat someplace else to put it there. If you have some fat in your lower tummy, in inner and outer thighs, and you want to augment your buttocks, it's a great time to do it.

Liposuction with a particular kind of cannula, not a usual cannula, then we inject it in very special ways so the fat graft takes. Usually a lot of it takes, sometimes not all of it, and in occasional patient maybe half of it, we have to go back and do it again but oftentimes we get a nice result with autografting fat to the buttocks, to the breast and to the face. It's a nice procedure and it's all natural.

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