DIY Microneedling: Why You Shouldn’t Try This at Home

As nonsurgical treatments become increasingly popular, copycat versions have popped up online. People have recently begun taking a DIY approach to microneedling with “at-home” microneedling devices. While this might sound like a cost-effective solution to skin rejuvenation, patients should be careful. There’s more to DIY microneedling than initially meets the eye.

As we remind our Webster, TX, patients, there can be harmful consequences to attempting treatments like this without proper training. In this blog post, we’ll discuss why microneedling is one cosmetic procedure that is best left to the pros.

What is DIY microneedling all about?

Many businesses want to capitalize on the microneedling trend. It’s becoming easier to find derma roller and derma pen devices online for direct purchase. The companies behind these devices claim you can safely use them at home and enjoy all the benefits of collagen induction therapy. It doesn’t take long to find YouTube videos of people trying the devices for themselves—even if they have no training in how to properly and safely perform the treatment.

Because of this social media presence, many patients have become interested in DIY solutions. However, there are other factors that these videos and products don’t address.

Why is DIY microneedling a dangerous idea?

Is DIY microneedling a bad idea? First, let’s start with some facts.

Microneedling at home will probably be a painful experience. Without the right topical anesthetics or an experienced hand, those tiny needle pokes are likely to hurt much more than they should. The depth of the treatment may also be wrong and uncomfortable. Without a trained provider selecting the best needle depth, you may pierce deeper than necessary and harm your skin.

But even beyond these worrying issues, DIY microneedling has one main problem: an unsanitary treatment environment. When you’re not in a medical setting, you can’t be sure that the device puncturing your skin is thoroughly clean. Contaminated tools can potentially allow harmful bacteria to penetrate your skin layer and cause infection or other adverse effects.

Why is it worth it to trust microneedling to the pros?

Professional providers have access to advanced microneedling devices. Medical providers are authorized to use the most sophisticated and effective tools, such as the Eclipse MicroPen®. Certified providers also have a higher level of practical training. You’re better off trusting someone who has performed the procedure many times with reliable results.

Also, it’s important to know that the microneedling process goes beyond the treatment itself. Smart patients should carefully abide by proper follow-up care. Your provider will give you recommendations for when to schedule additional treatments to make sure you get the best possible results, long after you’ve left the practice’s treatment room.

While DIY microneedling might sound like a tempting idea, we encourage Webster, TX, men and women to only trust this procedure to a trained professional. Get safe, satisfying results from an experienced microneedling provider.

If you’d like to learn more about your skin rejuvenation treatment options, request a consultation online. You can also contact our practice at (281) 720-8748 (Webster), (713) 521-4777 (Houston), or (713) 436-2222 (Pearland).

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