Labiaplasty Procedure

Let’s talk about cosmetic genital surgery today. People have heard about penal implants for years and other things and I really don’t do those. I think those are best left to the Urologists. Fat grafting to the penis and those things I don’t do.

But there are two operations that I do, do. They’re not very sophisticated but they are very gratifying. In women, sometimes the labia can be very large and they can interfere with sexual intercourse, or they can show in some tight garments. So labial reduction typically of the labia minora, sometimes the labia majora but usually the labia minora, which are the inner labia can be a very gratifying operation for women who are a little bit embarrassed about it.

We do it under general anesthesia. We’ll put you to sleep so you don’t have to be sitting there while it’s being done to you. The sutures are absorbable and you just wash yourself a few times a day afterwards. They heal up very quickly and the results are very nice.

In men, as they get older sometimes the scrotum can get large and droopy, and in the way. So sometimes older men are a little bit embarrassed about their droopy scrotums, and so we can reduce that scrotal sac to make it a little bit more tidy and neat. It actually can get in the way physically with various things. Men have genital cosmetic surgery also.

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