Less Is More: The Rise of Subtle Breast Augmentation

Is a C cup the new D cup? Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the U.S., but an increasing number of women are seeking results that look more natural. That’s certainly a trend we’ve seen among breast augmentation patients at our Webster and Houston, Texas, practices.

There’s a decreased emphasis on creating cleavage and more of a desire for shapely, sloping breasts. The overfilled look popularized 20 years ago by celebrities such as Pamela Anderson in “Baywatch” has been replaced by more modest goals that look more like Taylor Swift.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

There are a number of reasons we’re hearing patients ask for smaller breast implants during their consultations at our Houston and Webster, TX, offices. Pop culture always influences aesthetic trends, and these days we’re hearing about celebrities replacing larger implants with smaller ones or even removing their implants altogether. But there are also some more practical reasons patients are shying away from doubling down on D cups, including:

  • Active lifestyles: Athletic women who play competitive sports, run 10Ks, or regularly hit the gym don’t want breasts that interfere with those activities. It’s important that patients describe their lifestyles during the consultation so they and their surgeons can work together to choose implants that will satisfy their cosmetic goals without hindering the quality of their lives.
  • Avoiding unwanted attention: Even though there’s much less of a stigma associated with breast augmentation and plastic surgery than there once was, many women who want enhanced breasts don’t want it to be evident to friends, co-workers, or their kids. They want some shape and a bit of cleavage without having to give up wearing tailored clothes or worrying about looking top-heavy in bikinis.
  • No aches and pains: Over time, large breasts can put a strain on your shoulders and neck—just ask any woman who’s undergone breast reduction surgery. Implants that are proportional to your body type typically won’t cause soreness.
  • Restoring volume after having children: Smaller implants are often the choice of mommy makeover patients who really just want to regain the fullness lost after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

With the types and sizes of implants available today, an experienced plastic surgeon can recommend the right implants for a patient and customize results more than ever. When considering breast augmentation, one of the first steps women take is to browse galleries of before-and-after photos to get some ideas about what they want their breasts to look like.

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