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My Israeli Journey

My Israeli Journey:  A Pilgrimage to the Holy Lands LINK TO SHARE:  http://goo.gl/aFcBu My wife Michelle and I never imagined when we began organizing plans to form a new Synagogue south of Houston that 16 years later it would lead to an eyeopening experience in a land 7,000 miles from home. In June, 45 members and extended family of our Synagogue Temple Beth Tikvah took the 14+ hour journey to Israel for a 10-day bus tour of the Holy Lands. We began our trip in Tel Aviv, the second most populated city in Israel. Our Rabbi and other members planned … Continue reading  


Proper Skin Care with Sunscreen FACT:   Our bodies need protection from the sun. I know that having a golden tan makes us all glow in a beautiful way. However, I urge you to consider the damage within your body when you tan – especially if you believe that beauty is more than skin deep. Perhaps it is so hard as adults to remember to sunscreen daily because the habit wasn’t ingrained in us as children. That is why the angry mothers of Tacoma Washington just might have an issue worth inquiring about in your child’s school district – what do … Continue reading  

Work or Home, I’m Always Sculpting Something!

I’ve never been one to sit around. If I’m not in the office or operating room, working with my hands, then I’m at home tinkering away on several of my favorite hobbies. In an effort of full-disclosure with my patients (no I will not address the boxers or briefs question), I wanted to show-off a few of my hidden talents. My mother was an amazing artist. She painted and made beautiful crochet and knitted wall tapestries. In my spare time, I have done a lot of woodworking and started playing around with sculpting. Here are a couple of pieces of … Continue reading  

Traveling out of the U.S. for Plastic Surgery is like Betting in Vegas

Guest Post Courtesy:  PlasticSurgeryChannel.com     Medical tourism is like betting in Vegas.  Plastic Surgeons with ThePlasticSurgeryChannel.com warn Americans that leaving the U.S. for lower priced plastic surgery could end up costing them much more in the end. Lured by exotic locations and discount prices more and more Americans are leaving the U.S. and traveling abroad to undergo plastic surgery.   The new trend is called medical tourism, and according to a recent study, some of these tourists are finding out their trip was not worth the  price. Dr. Mark Elliott, a board certified surgeon and medical advisory board member for ThePlasticSurgeryChannel.com says, … Continue reading  

Dr. Moliver to Run the NYC Marathon in November to Benefit Team For Kids

The paperwork is submitted, and Dr. Moliver is confirmed to run the NYC Marathon this fall! He’s often talked of being committed to running and overall physical fitness. Now he’s putting his body to one of our country’s ultimate tests … 26 miles through the streets of New York, and he’s doing it to raise money and awareness for educating kids about being healthy. Team for Kids is a committed group of adult runners from around the world who add meaning to their miles by raising funds on behalf of New York Road Runners youth services. Funds raised by Team … Continue reading  

VIDEO: Meet Some of our Clients

We value and work hard for every client, whether the need is full reconstruction or simple touching up. We find pride in helping people just like you to find confidence in their unique beauty, but even world famous models get work done every now and then. We know that’s hard to believe, but take a look!      

Stats show Upward Trends for Male Cosmetic Surgery

The male grooming market in America is now worth $3.5 billion, telling us that men seem to be changing their attitude toward self-improvement topics traditionally deemed “women’s talk.” We think it’s about time that men get to talking about staying healthy and fit for life, and we welcome conversations about male cosmetic surgery. Feeling the need to look and feel young well into their 40s, 50s and 60s has caused men to re-think their attitudes towards diet, exercise, face-care products and cosmetic surgery. There is no reason why men, like women, increasingly want to change what they don’t like about … Continue reading  

In 20 Years as a Plastic Surgeon, I’ve never seen this!

I had a patient today with a situation I have never seen in my 20 years as a plastic surgeon. A 31-year-old female was referred to my office by the local hospital because of an oily discharge from her breast. The female had solicited a breast augmentation in Mexico  in 2009, believing it to be the cheaper option. Fast forward three years. She’s sitting at work and noticed a spot on her shirt near her breast. As the day goes on the spot gets bigger. She went to the bathroom once the spot on her shirt became quite wet. Her … Continue reading  

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With Dr. Clayton Moliver and Dr. Fred Aguilar, our practice is the proud home of 2 of the top plastic surgeons in the Houston area. Their combined expertise has brought beautiful results to thousands of patients — all with a genuine, 1-on-1 approach.

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