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Dr. Moliver to Run the NYC Marathon in November to Benefit Team For Kids

The paperwork is submitted, and Dr. Moliver is confirmed to run the NYC Marathon this fall! He’s often talked of being committed to running and overall physical fitness. Now he’s putting his body to one of our country’s ultimate tests … 26 miles through the streets of New York, and he’s doing it to raise money and awareness for educating kids about being healthy. Team for Kids is a committed group of adult runners from around the world who add meaning to their miles by raising funds on behalf of New York Road Runners youth services. Funds raised by Team … Continue reading  

VIDEO: Meet Some of our Clients

We value and work hard for every client, whether the need is full reconstruction or simple touching up. We find pride in helping people just like you to find confidence in their unique beauty, but even world famous models get work done every now and then. We know that’s hard to believe, but take a look!      

Stats show Upward Trends for Male Cosmetic Surgery

The male grooming market in America is now worth $3.5 billion, telling us that men seem to be changing their attitude toward self-improvement topics traditionally deemed “women’s talk.” We think it’s about time that men get to talking about staying healthy and fit for life, and we welcome conversations about male cosmetic surgery. Feeling the need to look and feel young well into their 40s, 50s and 60s has caused men to re-think their attitudes towards diet, exercise, face-care products and cosmetic surgery. There is no reason why men, like women, increasingly want to change what they don’t like about … Continue reading  

In 20 Years as a Plastic Surgeon, I’ve never seen this!

I had a patient today with a situation I have never seen in my 20 years as a plastic surgeon. A 31-year-old female was referred to my office by the local hospital because of an oily discharge from her breast. The female had solicited a breast augmentation in Mexico  in 2009, believing it to be the cheaper option. Fast forward three years. She’s sitting at work and noticed a spot on her shirt near her breast. As the day goes on the spot gets bigger. She went to the bathroom once the spot on her shirt became quite wet. Her … Continue reading  

VIDEO: Let us Introduce you to the Smiling Faces of Dr. Moliver’s Office

CALL US     ~     EMAIL US     ~     FOLLOW US     ~     LIKE US     ~     MEET US     ~     TRUST US   When it comes to choosing the right doctor for your cosmetic procedure, of course the focus is on the doctor. We do a lot of messaging on the qualifications, training, certification, beliefs, lifestyle and even diet choices of Dr. Moliver because it is important to know that he is one of the good guys here to help.  The Plastic Surgeon is justly placed in the hot seat because he or she will be … Continue reading  

Safe Aesthetic Plastic Surgery takes more than a Dermatology Degree

The difference between an Aesthetic Surgeon and a Plastic Surgeon is one of perspective and degree. All Plastic Surgeons have the ability to do aesthetic work. However, many Aesthetic Surgeons do not have the training and experience to do reconstructive work like hand surgery, trauma correction, or breast / head / neck reconstruction after injury or cancer. Above all, I am a trained and certified Plastic Surgeon. We have many high profile doctors in the greater Houston area, and unfortunately, in Texas the rules for what a doctor – or Dentist for that matter – may describe themselves as, is … Continue reading  

Breast Implants

Breast Implants  – Saline Versus Silicone A recent question on Facebook prompted a longer response than we expected, so we thought we’d share it! The textbook answer to the saline versus silicone debate is: Saline breast implants. Saline implants are filled with saline, generally during your surgery. Saline implants are often criticized for feeling hard or unnatural, but improved surgical techniques — such as placing the implant behind the chest muscle and slightly overfilling it — have helped these complaints. Saline breast implants are available for women 18 and older looking for breast augmentation, or women of any age for breast … Continue reading  


Intense Pulsed Light Therapy – IPL Special! If you are not familiar with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy, it is the most innovative skin treatment system we have seen in years. It involves specially constructed Xenon Flash Lamp bulbs and focusing optics to rapidly discharge high energy light on to your skin. The pulses of light produced by IPL equipment are very short in duration, so discomfort and damage to non-target tissues is minor. IPLs work more directly on the top layers of the skin, and generally do not penetrate deep enough to damage the epidermis. Although some salons use IPL for … Continue reading  

The U.S. is Safe once again after Hack NY Plastic Surgeon sent back to Dominican

It’s back to the Dominican Republic for a hack plastic surgeon who lured Latina women from Manhattan salons to Santo Domingo for cheap liposuctions that left them near death and permanently disfigured. “He promised me that he was going to transform me, make me more beautiful, more confident,” victim Lissette Mejjia, 36, of The Bronx, remembered at the sentencing today of Hector Cabral, 52. Then came life-threatening infections that left them hospitalized for weeks. “I cannot even show myself, my body” sobbed victim Francisca Fernandez, 48, of The Bronx. “I am scared to even see myself in the mirror. When … Continue reading  

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With Dr. Clayton Moliver and Dr. Fred Aguilar, our practice is the proud home of 2 of the top plastic surgeons in the Houston area. Their combined expertise has brought beautiful results to thousands of patients — all with a genuine, 1-on-1 approach.

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