Your Options For Facial Implants

Facial implants is a great category. In plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, aesthetic surgery, they are all the same. We use facial implants in several different areas of the face. In Asian people, sometimes an Asian woman or man will come in for the nose that they want to be raised a little bit. We’ll put a silicone rubber strut in the top of the nose and there’s different varieties we put it in through an incision inside the nose. We put in cheek implants to raise cheek bones. We can put it in through an incision up in the inside of the mouth. The most common one that we put in is the chin implant. Chin implants do remarkable things and I really love doing chin implants.

By the way, whenever I do chin implants or rhinoplasties I always do imaging, video imaging which we have here at my practice. So we’ll shoot pictures of someone and then we morph them on our computer and then I show them to the patients so we both have a good idea where we’re going with either our rhinoplasty or chin implant. Chin implants often bring balance to a face. Someone has a weak chin or receding chin. Sometimes people will come in and say “My nose is too big.” and in fact the chin is too small. So chin implants can be put in through incision in the lower lip actually in the lower gum area or I like underneath the chin.

It’s a little incision we put a chin implant in of any of the several different sizes. It wraps around the whole jaw line. In women we can put one kind. In men I’ll put a little bit of a square one that has actually a little bit of a crevice in the middle to give them a nice strong chin with a little bit of a cleft. The cleft doesn’t really show up but these implants really do a wonderful job to give you a stronger chin or jaw line and in many people bring their whole face into balance.

Chin implants are also wonderful to add to facelifts. So sometimes when we’re doing a facelift we’ll tighten up the neck skin but sometimes someone has a very weak chin. If you add a chin implant it gives them a wonderful outline to their neck and to their chin. It can really make a facelift look phenomenal.

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