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Hi, this is Dr. Clayton Moliver. Welcome to my V-blog.

I’m a plastic surgeon in practice for the past 20 years in the Houston area of Texas. I’m also a clinical professor of surgery and plastic surgery at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston.

When you come to visit us you are going to call in. When you call in you are going to get Wendy or Mona or Wally on the phone. My staff have been with me for years. You’ll get very informative discussion about your condition or what it is you want to do and you won’t get somebody who is new to the job and really does not know what is going on. When you come visit us you are going to have a very comfortable easy surrounding, serve you some water, serve you some coffee. It won’t be rushed. I hate when patients have to wait for an hour to see a doctor. Rest assured you won’t have to wait a long time. If you have to wait a long time we’re going to work with you or we will call you and say, “I’m running behind”.

A lot of doctors schedule surgery and schedule patients on the same day. I never do that. I never want to feel like I’m in the operating room and feel I am rushed like I have to get done in certain amount of time because I have patients in the afternoon. By the same token, I don’t want to be seeing patients and feel like I have something else that could be potentially coming up. I don’t see emergency room consults. I have not been to the emergency room for consults in 10 years.

I am here to see you and I am going to give you all of my attention and all the time you need.

Thanks for visiting my V-blog. This has been Dr. Clayton Moliver. If you want to explore plastic surgery please give us a call at (281) 720-8752. You can Skype video conference with me @docmoliver or you can reach us on the web at

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