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Popular Plastic Surgeries in 2013

Recently, the numbers for some of the most popular surgeries for 2013 have been released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Overall in the U.S., a whopping 15.1 million cosmetic procedures were performed last year. This represents a 3% increase from 2012. The top 5 cosmetic surgical procedures in 2013 were: Breast Augmentation (290,000) Nose Reshaping (221,000) Eyelid Surgery (216,000) Liposuction (200,000) Facelift (133,000) The top 5 minimally invasive procedures in 2013 were: Botulinum Toxin Type A (6.3 million) Soft Tissue Fillers (2.2 million) Chemical Peels (1.2 million) Laser Hair Removal (1.1 million) Microdermabrasion (970,000) The top 5 reconstructive … Continue reading  

Obesity rates declining in children

It been known by obesity researchers that obesity can take hold at a young age. It should be known that it is mainly up to the parents to control what is being consumed at mealtimes, not the children. These children who develop obesity at a young age, as early as 6 years old, can start showing changes in their heart muscles which could lead to problems in the future. Starting healthier habits as a child can make them much easier to carry through as adults. A federal study that will be published this Wednesday in the Journal of the American … Continue reading  

A little bit about diets

You hear a friend or coworker is dieting. What does that even mean? There are so many diets and do they even work? The definition of a diet according to google is: “restrict oneself to small amounts or special kinds of food in order to lose weight”. More often than not, these diets are temporary and once a certain time is up or an individual has achieved their goal they stop dieting. So in order for a “diet” to work it must become part of your lifestyle. There are a variety of diets out there to accommodate your lifestyle. We’ll … Continue reading  

New Medical Device can seal Gun shot wounds

RevMedX is developing a revolutionary new type of hemostatic dressing that can be used to seal gunshot wounds. These are used in controlling bleeding that cannot be normally controlled by tourniquet methods. The company has already received $5 million in funding from the American military in order to bring this concept into production. The development of this was spurred by the thought of medics quickly dressing gunshot wounds on the battlefield.  Previously developed products include foam that medics would spray directly onto the wound and would expand rapidly. This product failed since the blood pressure is so high, it would … Continue reading  

Genital Surgeries: An Increasing Trend and Other Headliners

An increasingly popular trend among females involves permanently changing the look or feel of the genitalia. This has been spurred by the increased availability of pornography and other explicit images which show “better looking” genitalia. It has been reported that these procedures do carry various risks and do not show any improved sexual functioning or self-esteem. The procedures are widely advertised across the internet and some physicians reported performing as many as 200 per year. This increasing trend seems to be a result of decreasing pubic hair in the locker room. In recent years many women have opted to shave … Continue reading  

Nutrition Labels Renvisioned and More

Before the 1960s no foods had any nutrition information labeled. Then by the 1990, the FDA required all packaged and prepared food to have nutrition labels. However they have largely remained unchanged since then. The FDA has made it a priority this year to revamp those labels and eating healthier may soon be much easier. The previous focus of nutrient labels has been fat count, but calories should be just as important for individuals who are calorie counting. In addition to this, the labels should be much clearer in terms of what types of sugars are being added to our … Continue reading  

Diet Tracking Apps

Everyone says count your calories. It may be difficult to do that when you eat a variety of things, but a few apps are out there to help you track your diet and help you meet whatever your goal is. Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal, is not only a nutrition tracker, it also has the ability to track your exercise as well. The app is available for both iOS and android and has been rave reviewed by publications such as PC Magazine, Wired, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and many more. The app has a barcode scanner which allows you to … Continue reading  

Recent Headliners in Plastic Surgery

Michelle Obama – The first lady turns 50 later this week states that, “Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves”. This includes Botox. Right now, she doesn’t see herself going in that direction but she has learned to never say never. Michelle promotes that being active should be a very important aspect of every woman’s life. Barbie Plastic Surgery App – A game which was recently launched last week that was rated for children 9 and older was pulled from the app store. The app walked players through the graphics … Continue reading  

New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is coming up and with that comes all the New Year’s resolutions. One of the most popular one’s is losing weight. Other’s that top the list are: getting organized, spending less, saving more, staying fit and healthy, learning something exciting, quitting smoking, and many more. The percentage of individuals in their twenties who actually achieve their resolution each year is about 39%. Here are a couple of tips which you can make sure you are part of that 39% when achieving your fitness goals. Be realistic when you’re achieving your goal. If you make your goal unattainable … Continue reading  

Face Yoga

Face yoga is touted as a new innovative and non-invasive way to achieve results similar to BOTOX, fillers, and lasers. Annelise Hagen is the creator of the technique and sells the book “The Yoga Face: Eliminate Wrinkles with the Ultimate Natural Facelift” on Amazon.com. Annelise Hagen has appeared on popular shows such as E! News, Rachel Ray, and Good Morning America. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston are said to be big fans. These exercises are designed in order to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. The idea behind this is that it is much more … Continue reading  

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